Sterilisation (UHT)

D&S Process Solutions develops and builds UHT systems. Sterilization based an UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treatment is a very short temperature treatment (some seconds) until a temperature of maximum 140°C. The result is a sterile product product, which has a long shelf time and has minimum damage to the product characteristics.

UHT is mainly being used for products, which needs to have a long shelf time, this technique is also used to sterilize cultures to make them ready for the next processing step.


  • capacity: 5 liter/h until 30 m³/h
  • temperature range: 110 – 150 ºC
  • products: milk, cream, fruit juice, soups, sauces, cultures en biomass
  • high and low viscous products
  • regenerative heat recovery, indirect heating and aseptic
  • CIP cleanable
  • SIP sterilizable
  • skid mounted