D&S Process Solutions develops and realizes pasteurization systems.  A pasteurizer makes sure that your product is safe for consumption and extends the shelf time by heating them very shortly. By this heating the product we kill the harmful bacteria’s to a safe level. We design our pasteurizers based on your requirements. Based on your product we look to temperature pattern, holding time, cleaning, scaling and minimal damage to your product.


  • Capacity: 200 liter/h until 30 m³/h
  • Products: milk, cream, yoghurt, whey, ice mix, egg, fruit juices, soft drink, beer, soup en sauce
  • Plate or tube heat exchanger
  • High and low viscous products
  • Regenerative heat recovery
  • Indirect heating
  • Pressure testing on non-pasteurization section
  • CIP cleanable
  • Skid mounted