CIP systems

CIP-System (Cleaning in Place)

CIP (Cleaning in Place)-systems are indispensible in the food industry. These systems are the basis for the safety of our food. A proper functioning CIP system ensures that the quality of your product is ensured.

D&S Process Solutions is specialist in the engineering and realization of high-end CIP systems. We advise the best possible cleaning solution for your existing or new system. D&S delivers fixed and also mobile CIP- systems.

Your Process

It is essential to realise that your production process itself is not the only situation that pollutes your system, this is also the case during downtime. There are a few  variants of pollution:

CIP systeem
  • Remainder of the product: The product itself and/or parts of it. (proteines, starch and fat)
  • Formation of minerals: calcification.
  • Micro-biological pollution: because of the presence of organical substances, a continuous growth of micro-organisms takes place.
  • Contamination: different products which are created in the system are not allowed to come into contact witch eachother.

In conclusion: it is very important that a system is entirely cleaned, but also that the product is never able to get into contact with the cleaning agent. Aspects like EHEDG-guidelines, sanitary design and safety measures for leaks are of great importance aswell.


D&S is also able to analyse your current CIP-system to answer the following questions:

  • Is the current CIP-system cleaning correctly, to meet the current severe requirements?
  • Is the current CIP-system suitable for the corresponding production line/production method?
  • Is it possible to modify the current CIP-system, to make it suitablefor the desired cleaning?

Our Solution

We work close together with manufacturers of cleaning fluids, to ensure the cleaning cycle is tuned to your product. The use of water, cleaning fluids and energy will be minimized, to create a sustainable process and to keep the operational costs on a low level. Our systems guarantee cleaning (and sterilization) in a mum of time with maximum performance, in which safety is priority number 1.

Cleaning Parameters


Sinner Circle CIP systeem

Factors regarding to the efficiency of the CIP-System
Time How much time does it cost to complete a step in the cleaning process to achieve the best result?
Temperature What is the ideal temperature for the most effective cleaning?
Mechanical work What power is needed for the water to clean as good as possible?
Chemicals (cleaning agent) Which cleaning agent is in which concentration the best choice?

Cleaning program

It is possible to include the following steps in the cleaning program:

  • Pre-rinse
  • Lye phase
  • Rinse
  • Acid phase
  • Post-rinse
  • Desinfection

All steps are fully-automatically integrated in the CIP-system. In this way, you are assured of having a correctly and fully cleaned system, without any remainder of cleaning agents.


Features CIP-system
Fixed or mobiel
1 phase, 2 phase or 3 phase (lye, acid or desinfection)
Water recuperation
Capacity: 12 till 40 m³/h
Suitable for:

  • Dairy
  • Drinks
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Potato processing
  • Sugar processing
  • Bakery ingedrients
  • Home and personal care products

Automation makes the difference

When designing a CIP-system, the automation can make a big difference. D&S uses unique cleaning programs, which ensure that coarse pollution is removed efficiently while using a minimal amount of water. After the pre-rinse phase, the CIP programs control the correct concentrations and temperatures during the different cleaning steps.

CIP systeem logging

Important in all the cleaning steps is the communication between the CIP-system and the ‘object’ that is being cleaned. The better this interaction, the better and more efficient the cleaning will be. This finally results in less time, and therefore, less costs per cleaning cyclus. D&S advises to log all cleanings, because this has te following advantages:

  • Traceable: All cleanings are demonstrable.
  • It makes CIP-optimalisation possible.

Our standard CIP-solutions


Our custom solutions

D&S likes to look at the best cleaning solution for your process, by having a personal conversation.

Sterilization In Place (SIP) Systems

Is besides cleaning, sterilization also needed in you process, than D&S has an appropriate solution. D&S designs Sterilization In Place systems for aseptic process systems. After the CIP-cyclus is complete, the process system will be sterilized with clean steam and by using barriers, it will remain sterile.

Our systems guarantee cleaning and sterilization in a mum of time with maximum performance, in which safety is priority number 1.

If you like to receive additional information about a CIP or SIP-system, please contact us: +3176-7112842, or click on the link below.


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